Leadership Training: How to Choose and Develop Your Leadership Style

Leadership training is a course of study that teaches people the skills they need to become effective and well-rounded leaders. A good leader should motivate, inspire and help develop those who inform him, while ensuring that the team's objectives align with the broader objectives of the organization. Some leadership training courses are delivered in person, while others offer the information online so that participants can learn at their own pace and in their own time. Partnering with an expert can help you design leadership training programs that hone the competencies needed to succeed, given your organization's unique challenges, context, and culture. As this Training Industry article points out, focusing on transferable interpersonal skills is critical to increasing leadership effectiveness.

One of the most important soft skills to include in your leadership training is the ability to collaborate and communicate properly between departments. Ultimately, a good training program should enable you to succeed, teach you valuable skills, and help clarify your vision of personal leadership. Each unit's leadership team must periodically follow the six steps outlined to discover the silent killers who undermine real change, and each team must be involved in setting its own change agenda (in the context of corporate strategy and values).But even if delivering company-wide leadership training isn't possible right now, making it accessible to more employees is a worthwhile investment. Before you look at the different leadership courses, think about the specific leadership skills you want to develop.

To be sure, each leadership program requires a personalized plan that fits the organization's unique corporate learning needs. In this video, Jenn, a career advisor at Indeed, explains how to choose and develop your leadership style and provides examples to help you identify which leadership style is right for you. When designing a leadership and management training program, you should consider what skills to include. There are many different types of leadership training courses available, and the ones your organization chooses for its leaders depend on the challenges and needs of your organization, as well as the level of the individual leader.

Glenda Lokhmator
Glenda Lokhmator

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