How Much Do Top Executive Coaches Earn?

The total cash compensation, which includes the base, can vary greatly depending on the level of experience of a leadership coach. Salary estimates are based on data collected from 50 anonymous Glassdoor employees and 24 anonymous Executive Coach employees. In some cases, an executive coach is hired to motivate and improve the performance of an employee or to provide a clearer vision of their professional progress. It can be seen as a privilege or a disciplinary measure for the highest-ranking members of an organization.

As an executive coach, you are a partner in responsibility and your job is to prepare your clients for success while providing an impartial perspective. You will be interacting with the people who make the important decisions in the organization. This is close to the average salary reported in a previous ICF survey for life coaches (or business or executive coaches). The charts below show the size of companies that pay to train their CEOs, the size of companies that pay coaches two to five levels below the CEO, and the size of companies that pay at other leadership coaching levels. Starting and running your own coaching business can also bring in higher income, as your salary is essentially unlimited and depends on how many clients you can get.

Sometimes, executives choose executive coaching for themselves based on an introspection that reveals their strengths and weaknesses. The greater number of opportunities also increases the chances that your coaching business will be successful. Real coaches help their clients think and act with more resources, resulting in personal growth and achievement, and for that reason, coaches generally make much more money than consultants or advisors. When an organization hires an executive coach, it can expect to pay at least a couple hundred dollars per hour for several sessions over a one-year period. When you only coach a few clients, you can be at your best virtually all the time, allowing you to provide exceptional service and results.

Coaching is a form of development in which a person called a coach supports a student or client in achieving a specific personal or professional goal by providing them with training and guidance.

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